Egghead courses

Why team is not uploading new egghead courses ? does anybody have new courses from egghead ?

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Hello Akki0804,
You are absolutely right. Egghead courses are really great and valuable, although It’s uploading a lots of Udemy course, those are not useful. Please COURSE HUNTERS upload the recent egghead course?


Hi @mam I have mailed CH team, actually I don’t have problems with Udemy courses but question is about priority of resources, egghead, pluralsight or other premium high paid courses should have more priority than udemy that’s what my request is :slight_smile:

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Hi @Akki0804, can you please send me CH team Email address, I need to contact them.

I’ve tried the Egghead course “Get Started with Elasticsearch”


but can’t seed initial data with node utils/import.js command. Anyone faced this problem? Any help?