Grokking the Coding Interview: Patterns for Coding Questions

Anyone have this


Yes Please, anybody can share it!


The topics listed here seems interesting. Would love to have it here!!

totally agree! would love to see this precious content

@Andrew.Kaluba Can you help with this?

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@Andrew.Kaluba could you get this course please ?

Please upload that course

let me check i have tosee if i can get it gieve me ten minutes

how to share the html files?

can i put it on gdrive

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https:/ /
I found this link too, after the ad i got the html files but then i need to open it in browser it is a fairly large file

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https: // drive. google .com /drive/folders/1wBIxutMn8SXwyHWMYDS86FoZO6y-5YAm?usp=sharing
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Here Is Google Drive Link Of That Couse


Thank you. This is really helpful.

Hey @Kabir, so far there’re only 2 folders, the 2nd incomplete, will more be uploaded?thanks.

hello kabir can you upload the complete material thanks

Thank you for the effort :slight_smile:


and this

the same links ?

or are they different versions ?

I have all the educative. io courses, Message me on telegram @course_provider

Message me on telegram @course_provider

Yes I have that course. Message me on telegram @course_provider