I tried to by membership with visa failed . Is there anyone can help me?

I tried to by membership with visa failed . Is there anyone can help me?

You could pay by cryptocurrency.

I payed 1 year subscription using the Taruca option because the others did not work. The problem is that on my credit card the payment looks like this:

29/11/2021 20.21 fortuna-itm(point)com Burgas BGR N. 696390

??? fortuna - itm(point)com is a gameing website, was my cc hacked ? If someone can respond me so I an block the cc

Please admin I also paid with crypto 2days ago for annual subscription using TARUCA but no access yet.

I don’t know what to do now

User email: mkkaljay_02@yahoo.com

Can someone please help me on how to make coursehunter acknowledge my payment and give me access to course.

I have bought a montly subscription (my account email is: wawidi7221@latovic.com) with Litecoin but still don’t have it activated:
I’ve sent 0.03750088 LTC to MTiEBfqkRhhCQdSWymEF2B5M44EdftDzvw
txid 201801ebf22dca1e4c1bedf9d371ddd10a67529011d23ea5701b9379b0024af2

Can please someone can activate the montly subscription I’ve already paid?
Thank you very much

I tried any way possible to pay for the yearly subscription with few Visa cards (issued in US) but have never was able to do that - all my attempts were declined. I guess your site’s payments ways have issues with countries like US (was not an issue last year). So, have to stay without subscription this year. Too bad, it’s disappointing, but I tried everything, nothing worked. Not sure why you cannot address that.

Wow… Now I cannot even pay with Visa - only Crypto, UAH and RUB! Nice…

I guess only post Soviet territories can enjoy this feast of knowledge for now (or ever? as they seems to be cut from more or less legal means of payments accepted around the World)…

Hi guys,

I’ve found a solution for those who are facing problems with paying their membership just like me, I was getting a message that my payment has been rejected.

What I did is signup for PerfectMoney account, I’ve made a deposit using e-Vouchers, you can find PerfectMoney vouchers online, eBay for example.

You must deposit 30$ if you want to get a one-year membership.

After you choose the membership, and payment method choose RUB/Crypto

Now, you can finish your payment process with no problem.

I hope that will help you get your premium accounts.


Оплатил премиум но он так и не активировался.
почта, на которую была регистрация аккаунта: anukrei@yandex.ru