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Please upload the UI and UX courses by Erik Kennedy.


Всеми руками поддерживаю! Автор курса – отличный дизайнер. Было бы здорово посмотреть этот курс.
Заранее спасибо! :blush:

I totally support this idea! The author of this course is a great designer. It would be awesome to watch it. Thank you in adavnce! :blush:

Кстати, у него сейчас скидка $250, и регистрация открыта в течение 8 дней.

Поправка: 6 дней, до 1 октября :slight_smile:

Пока что доступен только курс по UX, который сейчас идет на $250 дешевле по причине старта:
https:// learnui. design/courses/learn-ux-design.html

@Nekto Do you have UX course?

This would be great!

Science of Great UI would be another one. I’ve been trying to look at creating a topic about it here but I haven’t had the luck. Maybe because I’m new I don’t get that button or during translating the site something happens to it.

@something I will add the topic but be sure to reply and like the topic and gather more member to do so, so that the course gets uploaded. The LearnUI course has been added. I also had request for Encouraging clicks without any shady tricks from Boagworld be sure to follow that topic as well.

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Thank you! I’m new here but I’ll see if I can make friends here and get more people interested in it.

How many votes would we need to get this course?

@something Around 10 will do the job. I have also posted the topic for UI / UX design Bootcamp by flatiron school as well as for Increasing Clicks without any shady tricks From Boagworld.

UI / UX design Bootcamp by flatiron school would be a big one! Will keep an eye out for it. After 10 likes the course will get purchased and will be available to the premium members before it’s put out for free, correct? Sorry about all the questions I’m trying to understand how everything works