Payment successful with crypto Dash but membership not activated

Hey andrew, I paid via crypto Dash token succesfully (approx $18) but my subscription is not activated, I also sent you two emails.Please resolve my problem by activating subscription.
Thanks in advance.

Resolved.Thank you andrew.

I have bought a montly subscription (my account email is: with Litecoin but still don’t have it activated:
I’ve sent 0.03750088 LTC to MTiEBfqkRhhCQdSWymEF2B5M44EdftDzvw
txid 201801ebf22dca1e4c1bedf9d371ddd10a67529011d23ea5701b9379b0024af2

Can please someone can activate the montly subscription I’ve already paid?
Thank you very much

Hi! +1 I have bought 3 months subscription, but I sent Dogecoin this is transaction tx: 2a4fd83b06cc4aa7681ef3697f9a211e6c0b741c91737f90ee252e1850e73a63

How did you solve this problem?

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Sadly I still didn’t solve the problem. I paid with litecoin 1 week ago and still having my membership not activated.

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Hi again! My problem was solved, you can try too, just send email with problem to

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