[Udemy] Implement High Fidelity Designs with Material-UI and ReactJS

Would love this course to be added here, it seems to have some great content not covered much in other React Courses, this course focus seems to be on design with react using Material-UI but it also covers SEO and Next.js!

  • Create beautifully designed production applications from scratch with Material-UI
  • Build applications that look perfect on every screen with Material-UI’s responsive design system
  • Optimize images to reduce file sizes
  • Search Engine Optimization in React JS
  • Migrate from create-react-app to Next JS
  • Use serverless functions with Firebase
  • Export and efficiently integrate animations with react-lottie
  • Collect data and track events with Google Analytics in React JS
  • Ensure cross-browser support with your styles in Material-UI
  • Deploy production Material-UI/React JS applications

Check the course page, for more, please! Hmm seems I can’t add links :frowning:


Maybe I was wrong and no one but me want this course :frowning:

please upload this course :slight_smile:

Looking forward for this one. Thank you.