When is gonna be upload this great REACT course?

SUCCESSFUL REACT WEB PROGRAM is already order (order-id=7167 ) on CourseHunters long time ago for 31 people before some others and still waiting for… Come on guys!


I mean ALTERCLASS dot com course

Interested in the projects that this course is offering, I want this too. Please please please :hugs:

Guys vote for order id : 7600

This one is way better than above one.

The problem with this one you said (7600) is you dont learn from scratch (there is a huge boilerplate done from beginning).

It is better a complete path to learn everything

I just finished it and yes it’s for somewhat experienced viewers.

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any update about this course @Admin? thanks

this one => order-id = 7167

39 LIKES already. Come one guys, give it more likes to get this great course with a in demand portfolio by companies. Thanks

pd: Please @admins, upload it. After Epic react this one is the best we can have on Coursehunter. Thanks